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    Portrait of a friend

     First of all, she is kind. Secondly she is beautiful, on the outside and the inside, too. Most importantly, she is my best friend. The one that I have always admired, looked up at, envied and loved. She is similar to me so that we understand each other, but she is also different, so that we can always find something interesting in each other. And I can count on her, as well as she can count on me. We are here for each other since many years, and even though sometimes we have quarrels, would never resent the other.

     Her name is Ágnes, but from the moment I first called her Gica, everyone did the same, even in companies where I was not present. We were classmates since 5th grade until 12th, tablemates since 7th grade, best friends since 8th grade, and will last for a lifetime. We even agreed getting old, grumpy, wrinkled, cranky and know-it-all hags together, living in the same house, knitting all day in a rocking chair and having three cats: two inside and two outside. We have the same sense of humor.

     Unfortunately, right now our studies departed us, as she stayed in Győr and I came to Pécs, but when I go home I am only 10 minutes away from her by bike. Besides, we keep in contact also on phone, on Facebook and on Skype, and wherever I go I always send a postcard to her so that she would know I think about her very often. Sometimes we call each other our only spouse and lover, out of joking, so that we can prank newly made acquaintances. The bond between us is like a true sisterhood.

     Talking about the mental similarities and sisterhood, we could not differ more from the other physically. She has straight brown hair, while mine is curly and blond. She is very tall and so skinny you cannot notice her when she is standing sideways, while I am short compared to her, and rather round-shaped. Few common things we share are unfortunately allergies and asthma, but we just laughed at it when we met each other at the pulmonologist’s office, confusing the poor doctor with our impromptu chit-chat during the examination.

     And what makes this relationship everlasting and always fun of joy? The effect we have on the other’s mood from the moment we see each other, the understanding of problems and the help we are willing to give in a blink of an eye, when we are in need of any kind. I am certain in very few questions of my future, but there is one thing I am very sure of: wherever life takes us, no matter how far away, we will always remain best friends, as even continents may separate us, but we will always be no further than a phone call away from the other.

    Category: Short stories | Added by: LumiereBlackwood (25 Nov 2014) | Author: Lumiere Blackwood E W
    Views: 210 | Tags: Works, Short, blackwood, lumiere, Personal, stories, shorties, portrait, Diary, journal | Rating: 0.0/0
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