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    A decision that changed my life

     When talking about decisions I always keep on remembering myself to listen to my heart and do my best to make my dreams come true. But it was not always this way. Slightly more than three years ago I had made a decision that had changed my life forever.

     I first heard about Camp Rising Sun during and English lesson, as one of the previous students of my high school had already attended a camp season before and she talked about this wonderful opportunity to our class master, who was our English teacher as well. I felt immediately enchanted even by the idea of going to an international camp, as I have always been in love with camping - but then came the fact that I would have leave everything back at home (including my family as well) and I got scared.

     However I knew it was a once in a lifetime chance, so I made up my mind and at the end of the class I stood up and told the teacher since I fell in love with this camp I would like to and I am going to go there. Of course she made me remember that first I had not only to apply for a scholarship, but to win it, too, for which I had hardly any chance. Despite the discouraging words from someone whom I have always trusted, I knew I must try it, because I felt success so strongly. Finally I wrote my application and sent it to the given address by snail mail.

     I must confess I was more than happy when I got my invitation for the next round of selection, where I could meet up with the organizers in person. I was the first of all applicants to arrive and very lonely for quite a long time, but not nervous at all. Since I made the decision, I knew it was not only a single trying, but a sure thing to happen. I had to win. It was a long run, but at the end of the day I felt I did my best to convince the jury and went home satisfied.

     A week later or so I got a phone call from an unknown number. Out of habit I was just about to reject, though I had a strange divination: this call might be important, relating to my future - and perhaps the audition, too - so I picked it up. It was one of the organizers. He told me he was very sorry, but they had chosen another girl, who, later turned out to be half-British, so she could speak better. In spite of this they have already contacted the camp leader in America, if she could allow one more person, as they found me more interesting than the other girl. One week later I got a call from the same number: I was accepted.

     In the camp many things happened, including forging lifelong friendships, learning a lot about the life of others in comparison to mine, and to accept myself the way I am, but not being afraid of changing, either. I not only did open up, but I grew up during those two months, so applying to this camp really was a decision that changed my life for the better, in every means. The best decision in my life, so far.

    Category: Short stories | Added by: LumiereBlackwood (25 Nov 2014) | Author: Lumiere Blackwood E W
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