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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    5 Traveling



     The first and probably the most important problem of the travelling and transportation is the pollution. Cars use fuel, which is hard and costs a lot of money to produce, and it is harmful for the environment. While the cars are rolling on the streets, they spew dangerous and polluting thing into the air, in their exhaust fumes. It pollutes the air, destroy the ozone layer, and through the steam in the air, and the rain it goes down deeply in the ground, which is polluting the ground, the water inside of it, and through the water and the dirt, the plants, and by the plants, the animals and the humans.

     We have to take this hazard into consideration when we are travelling anywhere, because it’s not the same when there is a car with only one person, or when you’re going with two, three or four people in your car. It’s even more environmental friendly if you use public transport. It may not be the same comfortable, as you won’t always get enough personal space, or a seat, but it’s definitely less dangerous to your living place and for yourself. You can even reduce the pollution, if you go by bicycle or on foot, and it’s much healthier, too.

     Since I changed my school when I was in year four, I use different kinds of public transportation and from personal experiences I can say that it’s not always as bad as some people may think. During the past six years, the trains and the buses became much more comfortable, clean and safe than it was ten years ago. Now as I live in Nagyszentjános, I go every day by train, because I go to school to Győr, and there are no buses going between the two places. Despite the fact that trains go rarely, one in an hour to two directions, they are comfortable and reliable, the stations are close both to my school and my house. I can go with my friends in the morning and in the afternoon, too. That’s even how I have met my boyfriend.

     The problem about going by train or bus is that people can’t take as many bags and packages as they would like to, they have to travel with strangers, the stations may not be close to the place they want to get to, and the timing is an other problem, like when you would have to arrive to school at 7:50, but the train station is in a 20 minutes walk from your school, the trains go by an hour and you can wait such a long time if you go with the earlier train, but you will be late, if you choose the other one, an hour later. Of course, you may not choose public transportation because it is not as clean and hygienic as your own car.

     By the way, as we mention the cars, we also have to think about the driving license, which people can get in Hungary after they became 18 years old, or with parental permission, at the age of 17. But this is not enough, if you have a drivers license, you still need a car to go where you want. If you get it, you can go with anyone, anything and anywhere, totally independent from anything. The only things you should be afraid of are the traffic jam, and the accidents.

     To talk a bit more about the transportation, not just the travelling, there’s even a 50 km diet, which is about that you are buying vegetables, fruits and any kinds of food you can, if it has been grown or produced in 50 km zone around you. It again protects the environment, because transporting food costs money, time and fuel, which again pollutes the environment.  Things that we import from abroad can be a bit cheaper, but it definitely is much more harmful for the environment and the living beings on earth. Other important thing is the organic gardening. Basically it means that you don’t use any artificial and chemical things to protect your plants or make them bigger, or grow faster. This is again a good point why you should buy homegrown vegetables and fruits from your nearest area.

     Back to travelling, an other form of it is when people travel, to see new sights, probably in new countries or in new cities they’ve never been before, or just to buy things they wouldn’t get at home. My country, Hungary is very famous for its cuisine, wellness centers, spas and our hospitality. We try to do our best and give the best to our guests that one may give, this is the secret of why the guests like to come back here year to year.

     Just for an example, lake Balaton is a very popular holiday destination, because it’s big, the food is nice, the entering fees are low, the sun is warm, and the summer weather is perfect here. We hold very famous festivals, which attract many people from abroad, like Sziget, Balaton Sound, the Flower festival in Debrecen, all in all, we have very different festivals during almost the whole year, for all ages and all tastes. This is a great advantage of our little but lovely country.

     Of course, the Hungarians like to chill out, too, so we are travelling to different countries to see and meet the world. Mostly, we are looking for sea, sand and hot climate, after the cold and windy, but beautiful winter.

     We like the fairs and the markets, and we organize them several times a year. For example, the fair in Győr is very well-known and popular, thousands of people come here every year to see the beautiful things here. The lights on the streets on the evening are so kind and lovely, so heart-warming.

     During the fares, lots of craftsmen try to sell their handmade and beautiful things, which can be both sweet presents, or useful things. This again attracts people from abroad, that we share our culture and traditions through our productions.

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