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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    4 Place of living

     People move away because they have grown out of the old family house and want to live in a new place, further from their parents, or they have to move because they got an other job somewhere else, or just need a change around themselves.

     However, it is a very special thing, the situations are not always very good. You have to think about the price, the environment, neighbors, the perfect building, enough space for everybody you want to live with, enough space for your stuff, and even the distance from your schools and workplaces.

     Also, if you don’t want to buy somebody else’s old house, you can build or rent one, but this probably is the harder way to get a place to live where. From personal experiences, I know it can cost a lot, take lot of time, you can have tons of different problems with the blueprints, the builders and even with the people you trust and give your money to do the things for you, the contractors. Nowadays there are a lot of unreliable people you can lose your money and even your new house by. But that’s just one opinion and some bad experiences.

     First you find out which is more comfortable and better for you, living in a city, or living in a village. People from the city say that a village life is so much better, as it is less bright and much more silent in the nights, people are not crammed together in small flats, they can have a garden, where their children can play, and they think its more beautiful. People from villages may think the opposite, that living in the city would be better, because their workplaces and schools, the hospitals and other important buildings are in the city and they have to travel each day back and forth at least one time. And if they would like to go and buy something, they also have to go in the city, because shops in the villages are not so big, and they don’t sell everything that may be important in ones household.

     After you took into consideration every little reason and decided where you would like to build your house, you buy the thing for the construction, find some people who plan the perfect house for you, and usually your constructors find the builders, too. If everything goes well, the building’s finished in less than a year. After that, you can buy the furniture and all the household appliances you would like to use, or you will need later. You can now personalize your house and use your own taste. Just be careful, if you have had borrowed money from a bank for the house project, make sure that you will have enough money to pay everything back in time, or the bank will take your brand new flat and sell in on the price it wants just to get some money back.

     If you would like to rent a house, or a flat, there are also other things you should know about. First, you have to look around and check some websites or estate agencies for available places. They can help you figuring out the best price and size for you, then they can give you some advice which one you should rent. Agents can show you around the houses which makes the decision easier, whether you like the place or not.

     If you decide to rent the flat, you talk with the owner and leave some deposit which may be around 1 to 3 months. It is like an insurance, against any damage you may make in the house or its furniture.

     Of course, the are other costs in any case, not depending on buying, building or renting your place of living. You have to pay for the gas, electricity and water you use. If you rent a house, the owner can decide if he or she wants to get the bills on your name, or on their name, and after getting the bills, you pay for the owner. Also, you write a contract, which is the evidence that you live there and you use the place.

     Also, if you want a temporary place of living, you can still go to a hotel, or a student hostel, which is much cheaper, but definitely not as comfortable and certain, as a house.

     The other problem is the homelessness and it’s causes. There are two main groups of people. The one who became homeless because they wanted to, and the others who lost their homes because of something else, like a natural disaster, such as flood, fire, hurricane, or because they couldn’t pay their debt. They had to sell their house, or even a bank took it from them, or maybe they got divorced and one of them got the house and told their partner to go. So, the whole topic is very complicated, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both buying and building a new home.

     Nowadays most of the people don’t have so much money in their pockets or bank accounts so there are significantly less new houses built. In these times, it’s not worth selling, but worth buying one.

    And to talk about the differences of moving in different countries, well, there are loads of. Just for an example, if you are living in America and your boss tells you that you will work in an other city about 600 kilometers away, you just pack up your things, your family and move on. But in Hungary it’s much different. People here are very comfortable and if they are told to move, they just give up their work and search for an other one which is closer, even if they would have to move only 50     kilometers away.

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