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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    2 Partnership



    People are living together in families, groups of friends, working or studying in the same atmosphere, they are making different societies of themselves. They make partnerships with each other.

     Sometimes we can make so different connections between us. Basically there are people who have a partner and there are people who haven’t. If somebody is alone it can be because currently he or she  doesn’t have anybody, or their partner died, they are divorced or they are separaated which means that they are not divorced yet, but they are not living together. If somebody has a partner, they can be just partners, lovers, they can be married, be in an open relationship or be engaged.

     It mostly depends on what people want, but sometimes there can be different obstacles to be together with the person you chose, like the distance or family problems, or sometimes one of the partners is married and doesn’t want to get divorced.


     If we talk about partnership, we must mention other forms of it, because our personal and closest relations are not all under the meaning of this word. There are different nationalities living together. As the world is developing, it is becomind more and more opened for the other cultures and people from further places. I mean that a country is not just for itself, but because travelling and business connects us, we start to discover the whole world, meet new friends, and also, we are moving away from our places. For example, an American man has to move to an other country, one in Europe, because his job. Then, there he meets a woman, who is from an other country, but is there because of her job, too. They fall in love and decide to move away, to a fourth country, which probably is closer to their original countries.


     So, in a country there are a lot of people who have other nationalities or were born somewhere else but were raised up there. Let’s see the case of Hungary. Basically, we would say that there are not many immigrants, but people can be surprised if somebody tells them that there much more minorities than they could ever imagine. Not so long time ago I have participated a small multicultural competition, and one of our task was to guess Hungary’s  13 minorities. Just for examples, there are German, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Ukranian people.


     The people from different cultures have their different religions with a great possibility. There are billions of them, small wonder, if the population of the Earth is about seven billion people. Despite this, there are thousands of cultures on the edge of extinction, but due to the human’s creativity, there always are and always will be new ones to replace the lost ones.

    There are people who believe in more gods, the politheists, like the ancient Greek people, monotheists, like the Christian religions and the atheists, just to mention the taoists or the buddhists. Nowadays the numbers of the atheist are increasing, probably because the people are having other interests. Mostly our parents’ will determines our religion, because they can raise us up in their own religions or decide they don’t want to christen us. Of course, as the children are growing, they are getting more educated about the world and the different things to believe in, and the can change their parents’ will, and choose an other faith which suits them better.


     Here, in Hungary, most of the people are Roman Catholics. Based on a 2009 census, their number is around 52 percent, and this was followed by the reformathics with 16 percent. It is a significant difference.


     This whole religion thing mostly depends on our parents, but as we get older, we can change it. No matter, how we decide, one thing is sure: we can cange almost everything, except from the family we were borned in.

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