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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    21 Globalization

    As ancient people started to explore the world they didn’t know, they met new cultures and traditions, as they found other ones living further from them.  By conquering new areas, slowly they started to adapt to the new things and take the more improved nationalities’ habits and traditions, like the Arabic numbers, the medical and healing traditions, all in all, they adopted everything that could be useful them sooner or later. It is how the habits and traditions got mixed and the bounds blurred little by little.

     Nowadays it is the same way, but with little changes. We are not trying to conquer others, but we still take the other’s habits, we move from a place to an other, change even our country, and nothing is fixed in our lives, only our relatives.

     If we take an American and a Hungarian boy and a girl for an example, probably there’s no difference between them, except from their mother language. Why? Because as globalization spreads, the youth try to be similar to each other, we forget about our old traditions, make or adopt new ones from other cultures. We may be against something in our country, so we move to an other, maybe to a new continent. Everything can be changed and changes from moment to moment, not taking into consideration the color of our skin, the religions, the origins, the backgrounds, and we don’t even notice it, when we cook a traditional French dish or go to a Chinese restaurant in Spain, even tough we are Germans, who originally were born in Hungary, and so on.

    If somebody would ask about the languages, well, there are hardly any bounds these days, as in the schools kids start to learn foreign ones, before they could even speak, write and think well on their mother tongue. Thanks to globalization, we hardly can tell apart a French, a Spanish, a German and a Hungarian girl, because everyone can change their body so drastically that even their mother could not recognize them.

    On the Internet we can find texts in all the languages that exist now, but sometimes extinct languages can show up, which – despite the fact that officially are not used – may be in use, like Latin, which primarily is used in medical fields.

    There are multinational companies which were born in a place and then became too big for even the whole country, and as it collected more and more money, decided to spread a little and build a new branch in a near country. Just to mention some of them, there is Audi in the car business. It is a German company, but there is a factory in Hungary, in Győr. These multinational companies make it available to buy their products at lower prices, as they try to produce the parts in the places it worth the most. Also, by spreading, it gives people more opportunities to work, and they don’t always need a lot of experience. This way we can keep our nationality and traditions without any change or influence made by the other countries we could have work if we would want to work for a specific company or work in a specific business.

     Of course, be letting those factories into our countries also means that they pollute our environment, too, which is a problem, but people don’t usually like to think about it, as they see the lower prices and the influence of those products. This is a form of uniformity as we dress, eat and use almost in the same way every time. After these, everyone can decide whether globalization is good for them or not.

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