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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    Home » Articles » School supplements/ Iskolai kiegészítő anyagok » English language exam oral topics

    20 Current topics and events

    These days so many things are happening and running on TV, like the closing of Malév, the Hungarian airlines, or the elections in America. All of them are so important, because every step of humanity have consequences, and if we do something, it not only affects our own life, but it does influence others, too.

     It is better to say it in the very beginning that as a sixteen-year-old girl I do not have any political views or interests, before we would start about the current political situations. In my opinion, because of this, I would rather start with something that I have more interest in, which is more normal to talk about for somebody around my age.

    Back to the current events, let’s talk about a more neutral topic, like sports. This year the Olympics will be held again, in London. This is the third time it is organized there, and the 30th Olympics at all. It is going to be held between 27th July and 12th August, followed by the Paralympics, from 29th August to 9th September.

     It is a very important event in history, as it is held every fourth year in different countries and it involves a lot of people from different countries. In my opinion, involving so many nations symbolizes a kind of peace between them, as they are racing each other friendly, and those who do not play a fair game, each group fires, even if he or she is their best competitor. Whoever takes any drug or tries to dope, automatically excludes themselves. This year 32 kinds of sport and 302 competitions will be held. 205 nations attend with 10 500 competitors. In my opinion, this is a very good thing to hear, because at least in sports we can join each other.

     The Paralympics are also important, though less people watch it on TV. Basically, Paralympics are held for the disabled all around the globe, who do sports. It all began in 1984, when professor Dr Ludwig Gottmann, who was working with soldiers who came back from war with spine injuries organized an archery competition for the injured people. It was a great experience for the competitors and the beginning of the development of parasports. The doctors working in the same hospital soon recognized how much the sport means to the people they cure daily, and how effectively sports help them with making the recovery progress faster. Due to the combination of sport and medical help in a rehabilitation program the war-damaged men could keep their physical and mental conditions fit, and helped them overcoming their bad experiences.

     Also, this year the Africa Cup of Nations is held, too, which is a football championship.

     To talk a little about art: there are many things going on this week, too. Just for an example, three paintings were sold from Elizabeth Taylor’s personal art collection for more than 14 million pounds at an auction in London, or here is the very well-known Oscar award. The 2012 shortlist of the candidates is already available on the Internet. I don’t know who is on that list or who is not, because I’m not really interested it, and the other hand I hardly had any time to get informed about that, because I was studying so hard for school and for this exam, too.

     As I see the things that are going around me, Hungary is going deeper and deeper on the slope. More and more countries and monetary unions and companies say that our little country will end up in bankrupt soon. Since I was in the fourth grade I know that when I finish my high school studies, I would like to go to university abroad, with a scholarship program I already started to look for.

     Last summer I awarded a scholarship of 10,000 dollars to spend two months in America, in an international girls’  camp, in New York. Camp Rising Sun was the greatest experience of my life and thanks to this leadership program, a lot new opportunities opened for me to see the world with the eyes of my friends, who came from various countries.

     Just let’s take the shut down of Malév, the Hungarian airline for an example, or the many demonstrations of social workers, like tram drivers. Also, freshly graduated doctors go abroad in hope of a better job with shorter work time and higher payouts. Teachers can’t protest, but they still want to get paid better, because they can’t fulfill their families’ needs and pay all the bills, I know from personal experiences.

     I try not to involve myself to politics, but unfortunately I have to adapt to the new laws in the scholar system, as I am going to be in the first classes which the laws apply. If I want to work in an other country and somehow I managed to fit into the governmental supported few places, I have both to work and study so hard to achieve something. This way I may get a job which pays enough to me to pay my bills and to pay back the scholarship. If I don’t want to give a Forint to the government, I will have to work here twice as long as my education was, and I have to finish this time in twenty years. This is just an idiot law in my opinion, though I have heard that the new education laws may be against the European Union’s ones, or something like this. I really hope we will change back to the old system, but it has hardly any chance to happen.

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