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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    Home » Articles » School supplements/ Iskolai kiegészítő anyagok » English language exam oral topics

    1 The individual

    - ambition/career building

    -the individual and the society

    -problems of social integration


     Nowadays there are not so many differences between the rights and the jobs of a man and a woman, not like about 100 years ago. In the past, people didn’t like the idea of a learning or a working woman, because their task was to stay at home, cook meals, care for the old and the children. They didn’t have so many rights, either. Later, women started to open their eyes and said it’s not enough and not fair against them. They wanted to go to school and to work to provide their families and even themselves a better life.

     So, now a very big percent of the ladies are working, but not just because they wanted, but because they need to work to get enough money in the family wallet. Some people say it’s not good for the children as the got less care from their parents while they are going into kindergarten and see their family only on the late afternoons. Of course, this is hard for their parents too, as they miss their children and can focus less on their jobs while they are apart from each other.

     There is an other important problem about the working women, too. Just imagine a company with two jobs, which are perfectly similar, with the same tasks, same time and everything is the same. When a man does it, he gets, let’s say, four hundred Euros per month. When the boss decides to give the job to a woman, she gets only 350 Euros for the same job even though it may be harder for her.

     There are brave women who started to demonstrate against women-men discrimination, and fight against their problems which are basically because they had borned as a woman, and not a man. Sometimes it can be a really big disadvantage for womem who are more careerists.

     Since, there are women even int he hospitals and the army, we showed the society that we are not so weak. I consider myself as a little feminist, since I got discriminations of who and what I am. People don’t understand why I am doing karate and almost 100% of them asks me: are there other girls except from you? Well, I can tell them that almost half of the people on Earth doing karate are women. When I say that tere are almost the same number of the girls as the boys, they usually got surprised. Well, in the last training camp I went to in 2009 were much more girls than boys. This again shows how differently people treat men and women.

     To talk about an other topic, let’s see other cases. When somebody goes to a new place and joins a new group of people, a new society, they have to fight with several integration problems. Even the colour of their skin can make troubles, or their religion. Not all of the society are tolerant with differences and some of them have problems with accepting new cultures or new attributions in their closeness.

     That’s why these excluded people start to search for others who are they similar to and make their own little societies, like the different quarters in New York: Chinatown, Little Italy and other places. If people like diversity so much on the shleves of supermarkets, why don’t they like it on the streets? Well, this is a very interesting question.

     Even, the overpopulation or the underpopulation can be a problem. People want privacy, so they decidet o live alone in a house, or they want a big family, but they can’t live their lives in small flats, both are problems. One of my acquaintances said that the number of your children is inversely proportional to your living standards. I see the point in her words, because when you have a child, you may give everything he or she could need, buti f you have two children, you split your money into two, and now you can’t afford every need of your family. Even the ancient greek people knew these disadvantages, that’s why they didn’t have so many children.

     And in the not so wealthy families, they try to help each other and to find the other’s company, so they start to move closer to each other. This may be the beginning of a slum. And even if you were born into a place like this, you can try do do your best, to learn and work as hard as you can, as long as they see your address on your papers, you won’t get the best jobs, because the employers would give the jobs for somebody else who may be less clever and intelligent, but can show a better living environment on their papers.

     Even in China, the overpopulations has a very important role in the Chinese families’ lives. They are supposed to have only one child, because the Chinese society grows bigger and bigger each minmute, until not just the government, but the Earth can’t provide enough things for their needs. That’s why the families with one child can get supplies and different aids and bill reductions. Parents with two children are supposed to pay everything and they don’t get anything from the government. In families with more children, from the third kid they can’t even go to school and get educated. This is how the government tries to stop or at least reduce a bit the Chinese overpopulation problems.

     All in all, people should solve the social, integration and acceptance problems, before starting with the individual’s problems.

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