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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    19 Environmental protection

    People who have money usually like to spend it on things that are cheap to their wallets, and sometimes think that the amount they currently have is not enough, if they can have more from that. We don’t even notice it, but we are wasting in every moment of our life, mostly energy, water and of course with that, money. Just for an example of waste: an average person throws out the amount of food as their body weight multiplied by 500, during their lifetime.

     Fortunately, people stated to be aware of the waste and its harmful effects on nature, and now a lot of us is trying to help the environment and save the Earth, before it’s too late. In my opinion, the appropriate education plays a very important role in protecting our planet. When I will be a mother, I would definitely teach my children to the green lifestyle. What does the 3Rs mean: reduce, reuse, and recycle. In order to keep water and air clean, we should use less dishwasher, aerosol sprays, cars and so on. Even reducing the number of the smokers would help, as the more people who give up this harmful habit, the less dangerous smoke flies up in the air to poison us, and to help destroying the ozone layer. This layer basically is made of ozone, and protects us from the harmful ultra violet rays, but keeps all the carbon dioxide inside of it, which causes the global warming, by not letting the air cool down.

     Back to recycling, more and more recycling bins are put out on the streets, helping to collect garbage separately: paper, plastic, glass and metal. It makes a lot easier to reuse things, like bottles, which are going into the factories separately and people don’t have to spend time on picking out the different ones, everything can go in the melting tube, to be born again, maybe in an other form. This is how we can make toys for children from nylon bags.

     Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the environment and can be done on three different levels: individual, organizational or governmental, and all these are for the benefit of the natural environment, and/or the humans.


    Enormous factories, like leather factories use a lot of water, and they can’t store or reuse it, so they have to give it back to nature, which in this dirty status is very dangerous for any living being. So people started to invent things that would help them cleaning water, using different filters, like sand chambers and chemicals, like germicides, disinfectants and so on with also dangerous and harmful things.

     We are using cars and motorcycles more than public transportation, and this is a great hazard to us. We pollute the air and also cause noise pollution. At least, we should try the car-pool thing which means when more people want to go somewhere, they don’t go all alone, but use as less cars as they can, by fitting more people in one machine, taking into consideration the allowed amount of people sitting in the same car at a time.

     Of course, public transport may not be the same comfortable, but it is cheaper and means significantly less damage to the environment.

     And because we don’t pay enough attention to nature, it keeps warming us, that it won’t last until the end of humanity, by sending us natural disasters, as signs. Last year was very rich in natural disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan, and the hurricane in America. According to experts, natural disasters across the globe have made 2011 the costliest year on record in terms of property damage, and that's just six months in.

     Just in the first two months of the year thee were several reports about billions of fish and birds found dead everywhere, and animals are not everything. There also were a lot of strong earthquakes with more than 5.0 magnitude.

     There also environmental catastrophes which are caused by humans, like oil spills on the ocean, when a ship capsizes, like the Costa Concordia did in January, or like forest fires caused by arson. These things leave a lot of damage behind them, like homeless and hurt people, destroyed forests, fields and plantations, starvation and death both for humans and animals. I think the time has come to face with our faults and their consequences, and try to protect what’s left, or we can lose it in a glance.



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