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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    Home » Articles » School supplements/ Iskolai kiegészítő anyagok » English language exam oral topics

    15 Studying and work

    In almost all countries there is a law about what age children must study. In Hungary we have to go to school until the age of 16, which means that I can leave school when I want, because I turned 16 last year, and if I leave, it is totally legal. Though, I’m not thinking of it as I would like to continue my studies, go to university and maybe one day I’ll become a language teacher.

     Despite our plans, dreams and expectations, future may hold unexpected twists and can easily leave us disappointed. These days it is very hard to find a job in Hungary, as the payouts are low and the taxes are high, not to mention the price of the food, clothing, gas, electricity, water, and so on. We have to improve ourselves, study as much as we can, and I would add as much as we can afford.

     This year there are drastic changes in the education system. A lot more less sponsored places are available, and if you get a scholarship, you have to pay it back, when you go to work abroad, or in the case if you don’t want to pay, you have to work in Hungary twice as long as your as you studied, and you have to finish it in twenty years.

     Also, it’s not always enough if you have a job, because you can lose it every day, and you don’t have to make a mistake to become unemployed. That is why we have to study, study and study, not just the things that we are interested in, but all the things we might need, as it gives us more opportunity to find another job. It’s never too late to study and to update or widen our knowledge.

     To speak a little more about working, we should mention how we can get a job. Basically, we can do different things while we are studying, but these jobs are mostly available for only students and young people, like in McDonalds. Or when you go to a specific kind of school or course, you have to spend some time practicing the job itself, to go to a company and apply as a student worker.

     In other ways, like when you lose your job, you search the Internet, leaf through the newspapers or go to an office, where you can talk with a person, who informs you about the things on the job market, where you can go to work, or what should you learn more, et cetera.

     You have to write a CV, which contains your personal details, studies, previous job experiences, and maybe some reasons why would you be the appropriate person for the job. You hand it in to the company, where you would like to work, and based on it, they can decide whether they would like to interview you or not. if they call you in, you have to talk about the same things as you had written in your CV, and you have to show your knowledge about the company, too, as it will be very important, if you got selected for the job.

     If you get it, you will have to sign a contract that yes, you are there, working and serving the company. In most places you have probation, which is about 1 to 3 months long. If you and your employer are both content, you will stay there, sign another contract that you are a proved worker and you will get a bit more salary.

      Of course, as you go upper the ladder, you will have more important and maybe difficult jobs, and maybe a different work time, also with more and more payout. It is called promotion, but if you aren’t working hard enough, you can easily get fired or your boss can decide if they put you back to your old workplace. If you get a promotion, you may have to move to another place. These habits are very different in each country.

     Let’s take Hungary for an example. If somebody would have to move to somewhere else to get more money, even just or 30 kilometers away, they rather stay and find another job nearer, or stay content with their current work. In another country it’s not such a problem, like the Turkish and the German would go even to an other continent just to get enough money to maintain a good living standard. These migrants would do even the dirtiest jobs, instead of the people born to that country.

     To look at the things from the companies’ side, they don’t have a big variety to choose from, as they must employ disadvantaged people, too. They have to pay attention to them, keep at least one handicapped parking, build ramps next to the stairs, or use a lift, to make the disabled people’s  working circumstances easier.

     Also, employing disadvantaged people mean advantages, too, like tax reductions and some financial support from the government. Taking this into consideration, it might be more worthwhile to have some of those people in our company.

     The connection between the employer ant the employed is a very important thing. When someone is annoyed each day by their boss, they can’t do their best at their workplaces, because they’re under great pressure and stress. The employers should be examples for how to work and how to work well. As an employer we shouldn’t expect more from our workers than we are able to do. If the see that we are asking for things we can’t do, they will be upset and soon we can find ourselves alone in our own company.

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