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English language exam oral topics [22]
Contains English language exam oral topics that I wrote for my ECL C1 exam in 2012. I hope you can use my "notes" and thoughts about the topics, and learn from them for your exams.
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    11 Health and illnesses

    In the last few decades there have been many developments in scientific fields. Researches and experiments help us improve our knowledge about our bodies, health and diseases. Based on the results, scientists and doctors can invent new medicines, tools and methods which can be much more effective and useful, even against the most-feared cancer, HIV and AIDS.

     Interesting that the best techniques and ideas were invented for military technology, but later spreaded out. It means that we care much more about fighting each other than curing and healing even our own nation. For me it is a bit hard to understand, but if powerful and influential people see it as the right way to go, let it be this way.

     As I see the things, there are three main groups of illnesses. The curable ones, the incurable ones, and the ones which can be cured, but will appear again in a period of time. The incurable diseases can be life-threatening, like cancer, but luckily not every case ends up in death.

    To talk a bit more about them, there are different options to choose from, when you got one. The first is that you become devastated, not care about it at all, and slowly but surely, it consumes you little by little. The second option is that you want to stay alive, so you go to a doctor, and ask for help. You can get different types of medicines, go to several therapies and treatments. Some of my family members had different types of cancer, and as it is hardly curable, unfortunately they met their end.

     Euthanasia  is a method for gracious death, when somebody is suffering from something which is unquestionably lethal, like cancer or HIV/AIDS. This type of death is requested by the suffering people, who are not able to live with the fact that they would die in any moment, like in the last period of cancer, or have so serious and life-threatening injuries or other illnesses.

    Though in some countries and states it is forbidden, people firmly and completely have the rights to their own lives and even death, which can’t be taken by others. According to the law, people can take their own life by suicide or euthanasia. If one’s forbidden, they choose the other desperately.

    By suicide, people can be prevented from suffering at the end of their life, from low living standards, even from abusement and forced prostitution. It may be a relief in these situations, and can free up more medical funds to others, who really need it, who wants to stay alive.

    Also, people who live in places where euthanasia is forbidden, they invented the „euthanasia-tourism”, which is about that they go to a country, where it is legal and according to their wish, they die there. This is another method for being free. Switzerland, the Netherlands.

     As I see it, euthanasia is not a bad thing, as it keeps away people from suffering and everything is happening as they want it to be like. In front of me, the only one thing that would deter me from it if I would be so ill, like in the last period of cancer, the fact that my beloved ones may forgive it to me, as they could understand it, but suicide is the only sin that God does not forgive. I know that no everyone is so religious, but since I was four, I was taking part in different religious classes and programs. I find it really important, as our faith may even help us to heal back, and can do wonders.

     Also, there are other alternative methods of healing, like the homeopathic medicines, which are based on 100% natural components, like herbs, which were used since the human appeared on Earth. Even a few decades ago there were no special medicines, drugs, pills and other stuff, but there were the nature, which people would believe in. There might be some really nice samples when someone’s belief was strong enough to get well. This is the base idea of placebo pills. They are simply made of glucose, and mostly used as fake antidepressant pills.

     Of course, if we don’t want to fill ourselves with any kinds of pills or medicines, there are other alternatives, like specific massages, energy therapies, essential oils, mind therapies, or if whole body parts are injured, we can go and take up some kind of sport. As I have problems with my spine, I have to go swimming and take part in a physiotherapy class each week. Alone, it wouldn’t be so enjoyable, but as I’m going as a member of a group made mostly of girls from my school and at my age, it’s much more fun than work for my health.

     To see things from the healthy side, we all should do some sports, at least as a hobby, because it is very good for the lungs, heart, muscles and bones, and for our whole being. At least we feel that we are doing something for our own health, and everybody can find something which he or she would like in a sport, and attract them to do that.

     Besides the sport, we should protect our immune system, too, as it is weak, it can’t protect us from diseases which we are in touch every day. Wearing warmer clothes in the cold weather or drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of liquids a day is one of the best things we can do, and it is not so hard to fill a glass with water and drink it.

     Avoiding alcohol and smoking also is a great thing, as we don’t destroy our own body by all those harmful chemicals and other thing. Would you eat a piece of asphalt each day, then breathe in a bottle of air freshener? No? Then why do we smoke if the same things can be found in a cigarette or a cigar? Well, people have strange habits in connection with their bodies.


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