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    Home » Articles » Novels » Van Helsing Chronicles - The battle of the twins

    VHC - 4 Farewell

     - What I would like to tell you is been bittering my life since ages. Perhaps, it is not the best time, perhaps, it is too soon, or perhaps, it is even too late, but please, listen to me, while I tell you this sad story.

     It all begun when I was only at your age. Your father was very little, he only had been learning to walk, to speak. But his childhood was torn by violence, also. One night those bloodsucker beasts broke into the rural castle of our parents, where we were at that time, and set that on fire. Our parents fought until their last drop of blood, but they fell, and their corpses burned to ashes with the castle. We couldn’t even bury them.

     It’s a miracle how my brother, Walter and I left alive. Our father foresaw what would have happened, just as yours, eleven years ago. All this because of a curse that unfortunately I do not really know. It is as old as our family, and decimates us since we were born. As now only three of us left, either the curse kills you, or you will be the ones who break it.

     I still remember our old preceptor, Mattheo, led two horses out of stable in a hurry. On top of one, he sat me, pushing my crying little brother in my arms, then he sat on the other horse, to guide us. It was so long ago, but I still remember to that horrifying day.

     We went to the nearing forest, on which’s edge stood a little hut, kind of like a hunter’s house or a forester’s house, with dilapidated walls. He sent us there. Before he had turned back to fight the enemy, he gave me a small purse. I remember, I was standing by the window, with my hungry, tired, grouchy brother in my arms, whom I couldn’t give anything. I was staring through the glass, with teary eyes, childish incomprehension and rage. With impotent rage. I saw the rising sun painting a red line on the horizon – in the middle of it stood our castle on fire. On the sky at dawn flew solid, giant, dark clouds of smoke.

     I was angry that I couldn’t fight for my family and my home, but I knew we had to escape in order to stay alive. Fortunately, kind woodsmen lived in the hut, who allowed us to stay with them for a while, until I could create a new home for me and my little brother, from the fortune left behind in the secret basement of our parents’ castle. Naturally,  I gave a nice sum of money to the men whom we were staying with, and to the woman, who cared for and feed your father each day.

     But, for not to miss the story that I begun, I continue where I finished it. I was young and educated, could use the weapons well, and people also found me handsome, so that the princess in the nearing castle turned out to like me soon. Although, she was three years younger than me, I dared to ask her to marry me, for which she said yes. Before long, she gifted me a beautiful son, but sadly she died in giving life to our child, short after child-birth. Her last will was to name our son Benjamin, what I met, as you can see it carved in the back of this chair, next to me. I was so young, and alone, except from two children, whom I could call my family. One was my nine-year-old brother, Walter, the other was my newborn son. Vainly wanted I to take revenge because of my parents,  I could not do it, as it was my task to raise these two children in good health.

     A few years after, when your father became twice as old, had an own castle built. The estates left from our parents brought us such an income that we could afford it. Despite the fact that we trained ourselves to the best warriors and hunters of the surroundings, we always went and worked together, as it was easier for both of us, and also strengthened the brotherly bond between us.

     Once, when we went out on a stormy night, we have been caught up in a trap. However we managed to escape, as I got back I found that the enemy caused a greater damage to me than the loose of my very own life. While we were struggling in the round of the monsters, they kidnapped my twelve-year-old son. We had been searching for him everywhere in vain; we weren’t able to find a single trace, so I had to renounce the hope that he is still alive.

     That was the time when I finally retired here, in my castle, and closed up totally. I made a vow that I would never let anyone close to me. It was me, who asked my brother that you wouldn’t even know me, as I could have risked your life with my existence.

     Not long after you were born, Walter invited me to visit his children, and although I had known it, I did it. At the moment I saw you I started to feel a strange kind of bond, just like when I saw my own child the first time.

     When your father brought you here, I made a vow to him that I would raise and love you as you were my very own children. With the passing of each year, you grew closer and closer to my heart and that is why it is so hard to let you go on this long way.

     Though in the deepest of my heart I knew this day will come, I always hoped that later, later, later… I know you are true Van Helsings, darn it, the hunting instinct is on fire in you! I raised you both skillful hunters, good warriors, but my heart wouldn’t let you go even if you were twice as good. Of course, near and far, you are the best, I say it.

     Yet I let you go. Still, wherever the wind blows you, you shall know that here will always be a place for you. Wherever you go, I will always be waiting for you to come back…

     - He crumbled a teardrop in the corner of his eye, but in all of his speech and behavior was something strange, something unusual. Richard was never like this before. Like somebody had changed his memories, his thoughts.

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