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    Home » 2013 » September » 13 » Friday 13th
    Friday 13th
    Today was such an exhausting day. First lesson: good teacher, but she seems so childish sometimes. I mean it's sweet how she loves her subject, and how happy she was at every track she put in the player, but please! Sometimes I think she'd be better with little kids, only for elementary school, and not with graduating classes.
     Then, the second class was really boring. We don't really like that teacher, beacuse...I can't really draw it up, but we simply just don't like her. She's nice as a person, but not good as a teacher. We all agree that it's just not her cup of tea.
     Then, the third class. God, how much I like Math tests! Anyways, I felt like it was absolutely perfect for me. I did my best, so I won't have a guilty conscience if it doesn't deserve such a good mark as I expect it, but I will be very disappointed.
     After that, we had another language class, this time, French. I was nice I would say, but by that time I got really tired and could hardly concentrate on what the teacher said. Anyways, I love that teacher. In the first two, maybe three years she's very strict, but after we learn the basics and she acknowledges the important things about us (like how and how much we study, and what we are capable of), she becames much friendly, and sometimes she's even able to tell a joke, or you know - just be friendly.
     After a double class of exhausting and painful double class we had PE, followed by incredible stiffness in our thighs. Then, we set off home.
     The most wonderful thing was that how brightly the sun shined in the downtown, and with one of my classmates we declared that we carried our umbrellas in vain the whole day. Then I quit the bus, one step, two steps, three steps, and...SPLASH! From nowhere the rain started to pour so fast and heavily I could hardly get my umbrella from my bag. During the three minutes walk to home it was pouring, but when I got in the stopped. Great. And now I'm here, but in less than a half hour I'll have to leave and study for a History and an English test on Monday. And French and English preparatory classes, too. As it seems right now I'll have a nice weekend...
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